Twitter Introduces New Feature That Will Allow NFTs To Be Used As Profile Photos

The popular social media platform Twitter has introduced a new feature related to the crypto space.

Justin Taylor, Director of Consumer Product Marketing at Twitter. In its September 29th post introduced the new feature. According to the publication, Twitter users will be able to put NFT in their profile photos, thanks to the feature that is still in development.

Users who want to put their NFTs on their profile photos according to the shared video will see the option “Choose NFT” when they click the “Change photo” button. After clicking on this option, it will be possible to connect to wallets on platforms such as Coinbase, Metamask and

Users will be able to download all their NFTs from the NFT OpenSea marketplace and use them as profile photos. Profile photos will also include the logo of the blockchain network from which they were created in the lower right.

The new feature is not limited to that. According to the video, all the NFTs owned by the user will be visible in the “Collection” tab that will be added to the user profiles. It is not known when the new feature will be released.

Twitter has been on the agenda with its moves in the crypto space in recent days. The social media platform integrated with the Lightning Network on September 24, allowing content creators to be tipped with Bitcoin.

Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey is also one of the industry’s biggest supporters. In defining Bitcoin as “the local currency of the internet,” Dorsey said that crypto money will play a key role in the future of the company and has the potential to transform Twitter’s products and services * https: // / news / bitcoin-is-key-to-the-future-of-twitter-jack-dorsey-says *.

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