“This project on Ethereum is better than Solana”

Ryan Berckmans, an active contributor to Ethereum-based products, shared the benefits of Ethereum’s StarkNet scalability solution in a series of posts on his Twitter account.

Berckmans explained them one by one after stating that StarkNet, one of Ethereum’s newer scalability solutions, has many advantages according to Solana, who is described as the Ethereum killer.

The first advantage of StarkNet is in the network fees section. He stated that StarkNet has excellent scalability for users, including low-cost or even zero-cost transactions, in this context, as network transactions increase in ETH, fees will remain low, while network fees they will increase in Solana in case of a possible network. congestion.

Berckmans, known for his investments in Ethereum, stated that StarkNet’s property rights are the same as those of Ethereum.

After stating that property rights in StarkNet are stronger than Solana’s, he noted that property rights in Solana carry a much higher risk of infringement compared to StarkNet.

Finally, Berckmans stated that Solana is much more centralized than Ethereum. By stating that the concentration of supply in the hands of certain groups undermines decentralization, Berckmans stressed that today 40% of Solana is blocked in corporate agreements and 40% of Solana is considered non-circulating supply.

According to Berckmans, as StarkNet solves scalability and the best-in-class Ethereum maintains strong property rights, it seems like a highly competitive option for companies and governments to take advantage of public chains.

This comparison was also answered by Solana’s CEO. During the comparison, it was mentioned that the tariffs of the Solana network may increase. Responding to this, the CEO Solana stated that the salary increase is the level that must be reached and that it is not very easy.

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