The number of highlights in the crypto money industry’s most up-to-date hacking event!

The cryptocurrency market has seen incredible activity lately, and this has attracted the attention of hackers. In particular, the fact that some decentralized financial protocols have become open targets and have millions of dollars has increased attacks.

Hacked into PNetwork

One of the decentralized financial protocols pNetwork He also confirmed the attack in a statement on Twitter.

In the statement made by pNetwork, the attack was officially confirmed and it was claimed that the attacker reached BSC parity through pBTC using leverage and seized 277 BTC, which he used as collateral.

Although the team stated that no other bridge other than the pBTC / BSC bridge was damaged and the situation was under control, the value of pToken fell dramatically in addition to the loss of millions of dollars.

The total amount stolen is reported to be $ 13 million. It is claimed that the hacker who found a bug in the code base made huge profit using it.

The PNetwork team stated that they reached out to the attacker and offered him a $ 1.5 million reward, but demanded the return of the funds. Although it is not known if this situation will be accepted by the hacker, it is obvious that there is a great loss at the moment.

Indeed, a major hack in the past few days served as a warning to many DeFi protocols, but it appears that the necessary lesson has not been learned. Poly Network was hacked for around $ 600 million, but the hacker returned all funds to him, claiming that was not his intention.

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