The NFT project takes steps to help Afghan women access education

NFT’s company has partnered with a New York-based organization to help women access education in Afghanistan, where the Taliban have taken control. announced that it will launch NFT on October 5 and that the proceeds will be donated to Women for Afghan Women, which helps women access education and vocational training in both the United States and Afghanistan. Inspired by American author Louisa May Alcott, the artwork features a woman with half her face covered by a butterfly wing and the quote “Nothing is impossible for a determined woman.”

When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in the 1990s, they banned almost all women and girls from receiving an education. History repeated itself with the US military’s withdrawal from the country last month, with the Taliban recommending that only boys and girls return to school. The country’s deputy education minister, Zabihullah Mujahid, said the Taliban plan to offer women and girls access to education “as soon as possible.”

Naheed Samadi Bahram, US National Director of Women for Afghan Women, said: “We are a generation that has grown up with hope for their future with educational opportunities. “We are committed to serving Afghan women and girls in Afghanistan and those seeking refuge in the United States.”

All proceeds from NFT sales will be donated to Women for Afghan Women, according to The company plans to create 2,200 copies of the NFT for the 2.2 million girls in Afghanistan who are reportedly not currently in school. The starting price for NFTs is 0.025 Ether (ETH) (around $ 76.53 of translation time).

Afghan women, who risk beatings, imprisonment and death, are defying the Taliban’s ban on education, both through posts and actions on social media. keep protesting. Code to Inspire, a school that aims to educate Afghan women in coding and robotics, currently offers online courses.

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