The latest forecast from a famous analyst fuels fear: watch out for these levels in Bitcoin and Ethereum!

One of the most famous analysts in the cryptocurrency industry emphasized that he expects a serious decline in his prediction, which he made days before Bitcoin experienced a sharp decline. Analyst Smart Contracter made a statement on Twitter. bitcoinless than $ 40,000, EthereumHe also stated that he expects it.

Fall begins for BTC and ETH

In his Sept. 18 statement, the analyst emphasized that he sold profits and sold most of his altcoin positions. Stating that BTC and ETH will enter a deep correction, the analyst pointed to $ 36,000 for BTC and $ 2,600 for ETH, filling investors’ hearts with fear.

Although he expects a decline in BTC, the analyst, who believes that it will rise from the lower level, expects record levels to be seen after this downward movement, as indicated in the chart.

In his continuation statement, the analyst stated that if ETH falls back to $ 2,700, things could get a lot worse. The analyst also stated that ETH has lost its support on the 4-hour chart, underlining that $ 2,700 is unavoidable.

Stating that no one will want to buy ETH when the price drops to $ 2,700, but this is the buying point for him, the analyst asked to be ready for a sharp drop.

Another popular analyst, Crypto Birb, emphasized that everything will change in December. Emphasizing that everything will be very different in December and everyone will be incredibly wealthy, the analyst stressed that he actually expects a very solid rise.

Bitcoin’s decline, which started hours ago, shows that Smart Contracter is right for now, but that may change over time.

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