The last drop hit the investors of these cryptocurrencies the most: so what is the latest situation?

The crypto money industry experienced an unexpected decline again today and was left completely bloodied. The steep decline, which started with the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin in the beginning, continued with altcoins, and in fact, altcoins made much more violent progress.

Top Losing Altcoins

Some cryptocurrencies, which were among those that have risen the most in recent weeks, have now entered the list of those that have seen the greatest decline. This, of course, has the effect of withdrawing BTC from $ 48,000 to $ 42,500 at a time.

Although BTC is now slowly recovering and trying to stay above $ 44,000, many altcoins have suffered heavy losses and have yet to recover. The main one of them is Terra (MOON). MOON, With a loss of more than 16% in 24 hours, it was definitely the crypto currency that fell the most in the top 15.

It is followed by AVAX, the favorite cryptocurrency of the last period, with a decrease of 13.3%. Recently over $ 60 AVAX, Currently holding on to this support.

The sequel to AVAX, which crashes hard every time the DeFi market crashes. LINK and the continuation of the consolidation in the last days. XRP stands out.

The price of XRP retraced below $ 1 and is trading at $ 0.93. The crypto currency that saw the biggest drop in the top 10 was DOT, which fell below $ 30 and experienced a 13% decline. It is quite normal for these cryptocurrencies, which were mentioned with major rises recently, to drop sharply at this time.

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