The FED meeting begins! Eyes on the SEC chairman on Bitcoin!

Investors unwilling to get into the turmoil that both the Fed meeting and the Evergrande crisis could cause created a strong selloff in US equities.

Bitcoin, which has been in much correlation with global markets with the effect of its maturation in recent days, also got its share of these declines.

American futures are dominated by green today. This vegetation allowed Bitcoin to go above $ 43,000 again.

At this point, the direction of the US indices after the 16.30 open will also affect the short-term direction of Bitcoin.

We advise investors to keep a close eye on the US markets these days.

The Fed meeting starts today

As the unrest over the Evergrande crisis continues, today the FED meeting begins. The September Fed meeting will be held September 21-22.

After talks starting today, the Fed will announce its current focus on interest rates and monetary policy tomorrow. At this month’s FED meeting, markets will once again focus on explanations about the reduction in asset purchases.

If a question about the Evergrande crisis comes up at tomorrow’s Fed meeting and Powell answers this question with a dovish approach, we can see that the markets’ appetite for risk has increased.

Analysts are expecting a reaction today after the strong sell in US markets yesterday. Greening here will also increase the appetite for risk in Bitcoin.

Also, volatility is expected to be high until the end of the FED meeting and decisions are announced.

Gensler’s comments to follow

In addition to the US markets, the statements made today by SEC Chairman Gary Gensler are also important. Gensler, who will be speaking about cryptocurrencies in a special live stream at TSI 19.00, may also increase volatility.

* No investment advice.

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