Solana (SOL) network problem! The price dropped 5 percent!

Solana, who started the rally from $ 1.5 earlier this year to $ 216, made many investors happy. However, some news from the network today does not seem very encouraging.

The Solana Status account indicated that there were instabilities due to a problem that started 45 minutes ago on the Solana network, and engineers are investigating the problem.

Meanwhile, despite the rise of Bitcoin and altcoins after inflation data, we see Solana struggling to climb. Solana, which lost 5% after learning there was a problem with the network, is currently trading at $ 160.

A similar situation occurred with the Avax network, and in the middle of the Avax rally, there was a problem with the network. Due to this problem, Avax had a hard time recovering for a long time.

The cause of the problem in Solana is currently unknown. Solana Labs CEO Antoly Yakovenko has yet to comment on the issue.

* No investment advice.

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