“SEC Litigation Failed to Block Ripple (XRP), Growth Continues Outside of US”

The end of the road appeared in the ongoing XRP lawsuit between the SEC and Ripple, which made a lot of noise. Experts began to assess the possible consequences of the case.

Legal experts said they believe Ripple is more likely to win the case.

Fox Business ‘Charles Gasparino announced the information he received from sources close to Ripple Labs’ top executives in a post on his Twitter account.

Gasparino stated that they believe that only Ripple’s business within the US is the one that suffers in this lawsuit filed against Ripple Labs by the SEC.

Gasparino stated that although Ripple is based in the US, it continues to develop abroad, apart from the US.

Ripple continues to work to expand its business in countries such as Japan, the United Kingdom, Africa and Latin America, and for fast, cheap and hassle-free remittances and payments for freelancers and on demand.

Gasparino also stated that the SEC’s stance towards Ripple and other cryptocurrency companies actually contributed to Ripple’s success outside of the US.

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