Ripple (XRP) Investors Sue Apple! “Beware of the fake app”

XRP holders whose wallets were emptied by a bogus app blame Apple.

The lawsuit was filed by cybersecurity expert Hadona Diep and her associates in Federal District Court in Maryland on September 16.

Investors have lost all their funds by downloading the fake cryptocurrency wallet app on their phones. Now they claim that Apple is to blame for having this application in the AppStore and not being removed.

Diep, one of the victims, said:

“An app called Toast Plus had almost the same logo as the Toast Wallet, which is known as a good wallet. I thought this was a version of this wallet app and downloaded it to my phone from the App Store in March 2020. Then I transferred my funds from Ripplex here. When I checked in August, I discovered that the funds had been depleted and my account was deleted. “

Upon realizing that he had been scammed by a fake app, Diep’s $ 5,000 evaporated. Considering the rise in Ripple’s price, Diep’s loss appears much larger.

By claiming that this app, which mimics another app, is on the App Store because of Apple, Diep hopes to receive compensation from Apple, along with victimized investors like him.

Although investors find Apple safer than Android, we see news of fraud on both platforms. At this point, it is recommended that investors interested in cryptocurrencies take their own precautions without depending on the platforms and act more carefully when using their mobile phones.

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