Paynet Coin Announces $ 250,000 Rewards Campaign

Paynet Coin has announced a bounty program with a $ 250,000 worth of Paynet tokens (PAYN) set aside for crypto bounty hunters and the crypto community.

PAYN is an electronic digital currency that implements the TRC20 technology provided for the convenience of the global community. It has become the reason of choice, as it solves problems of scale and usability in payments in the travel and service industries globally.

This latest reward is the highest volume rewards program offered by Paynet Coin.

General information

The rewards campaign begins on September 20, 2021 and ends on November 20, 2021.

The Big Rewards program was established with a single point of focus on promoting PAYN to the crypto community. Using the FMCPAY blockchain and the Paynet Coin social network to find the prize winner. needs.

Paynet Coin will pay a maximum of $ 250,000 (payable as PAYN tokens) after the main participants are identified.

Paynet Coin provides tokens to bounty hunters through various platforms.

Requirements for those who want to win a prize

The rewards program will reward you for your efforts. To qualify for the rewards, you must meet some important criteria, such as joining our official group on Telegram Group and Telegram Channel. However, there is one thing you must not forget, do not leave the group before the end of this campaign.

Additionally, you must complete a KYC account on FMCPAY.COM.

Each participant must register using the appropriate form provided. Submitting a request in the thread without proper registration will result in no match in our counting implementation.

Check the wallet address you entered in the form; The reward cannot be changed until it expires.

Any application containing inappropriate information will be disqualified without prior notice.

Follow FMCPAY’s social media channels to get Bounty Link on 9/20:




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