Largest Institutional Bitcoin Whale Assesses SEC’s Crypto Disclosures

Microstrategy is without a doubt one of the first companies that come to mind when Bitcoin is mentioned. So much so that many people in the US who cannot invest in Bitcoin due to its complexity buy Microstrategy shares. Because Microstrategy has a significant amount of BTC, and for this reason, the share price moves in parallel with BTC.

According to the latest data, the company is known to have more than 90,000 BTC. The CEO of the company, Michael Saylor, who gives confidence to the market by making serious purchases at each drop in Bitcoin and the price rises, made an assessment on the latest statements made by the SEC.

The famous CEO, who found the SEC’s statements positive:

“All of these regulatory developments are good for Bitcoin. Volatility will decrease, public trust will increase, and clarity and harmony will come to the digital asset space. Therefore, corporate and retail acceptance will increase rapidly. “

As can be understood from the tweet, Saylor, who views the SEC’s statements as positive, is generally known for making serious purchases after every sharp BTC drop. It will be revealed in the next few days if you bought into these latest declines.

Microstrategy’s average BTC cost is also known to be $ 26,000.

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