Is the attack behind the Solana (SOL) network a problem?

After a shocking rally in the cryptocurrency market and weeks of optimism, Left left) also consolidated, but there seems to be more than one reason behind this.

Solana, who broke the all-time record and went up to $ 200, was offline for about 17 hours until September 14 and the network could not be reached.

After this, there was a problem with the DNS on the network and the network was disabled for a while. In the initial statements it was said that this was due to the excessive density in the network, but now it is seen that the situation is an attack.

Attack on Solana!

Based on newly emerged information and report, it is possible that a DDOS attack was carried out on the Solana network. This is claimed to be different from a traditional DDOS attack and is done directly against validators on the network.

In this case, it is claimed that an interesting hard fork was created in the last block of the network and Solana had to restart the network for this reason.

In the additional statement made by the Solana Foundation, it was indicated that studies on this issue continue and that measures will be taken to prevent this type of situation in the future.

Although the exact severity of the DDOS attack is not known, it is useful to say that it clogs a network capable of processing more than 50,000 transactions per second.

SOL price, on the other hand, retreated to the $ 135 level with the general bearish wave after it rose to $ 213 and the situation is pretty bad.

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