Famous Billionaire: “If I entered the market today, I would only invest in these two altcoins!”

Three Arrows Capital founder and CEO Su Zhu brought a different perspective to Bitcoin, saying that the dominance indicator in Bitcoin is only valid for billionaires.

The CEO warned novice investors opting to invest in high-risk cryptocurrencies in a post on his Twitter account.

He said there is no point in investing in tokens that are considered very profitable, rather than the two largest cryptocurrencies, which are more secure than others.

As an example, he stated earlier this year that meme tokens like Dogecoin are actually a skeptical frenzy.

He claimed that these tokens are popular because investors “dream of getting rich overnight.”

“If I personally entered the cryptocurrency market today and did not have Bitcoin or Ethereum, I would bet on Solana (SOL) and Avalanche,” said the famous billionaire. Underlining that this comment is not a derogatory comment on Bitcoin and Ethereum, Su made an assessment on the risk-return ratio.

Saying that Bitcoin and Ethereum will continue the uptrend, Su stated that he predicts that Bitcoin will change the market value of gold and that Ethereum will hit $ 25,000 in the future.

Stating that some analysts disagree with the view that the largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, doesn’t have many advantages, Zhu made a wild prediction in February, saying that Bitcoin will hit $ 2.5 million in the long run.

* No investment advice.

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