Famous analyst shed light on 4 Altcoins and commented on the records

Famous cryptocurrency analyst Jason Pizzino, Drawing attention to recent increases in altcoins, he emphasized that more of these could happen, and especially drew attention to 4 altcoins.

Although some of the altcoins that are on the analyst’s radar have already broken records recently, the analyst does not seem to give up hope on them.

According to Pizzino, it is among the altcoins that may move soon. Polkadot (DOT), Avalanche (AVAX), Cosmos (ATOM), and Sushiswap (SUSHI) it’s found.

4 What is the latest situation for Altcoin?

In his statement on the matter, Pizzino stated that it is normal for AVAX to experience a consolidation and that a slight consolidation may occur after this rally, followed by a rally.

If we can roll back to the previous levels of $ 45, it will mean that it will take more time for the consolidation period to end. It is normal to experience consolidation before the next move, and this actually points to a stronger cryptocurrency. To crypto money that will earn a stronger increase in the continuation … “

The analyst pointed to the $ 28 level for Polkadot and underlined that he expects a new high to occur after the consolidation. Although DOT has lagged behind other Layer 1 projects recently, it still continues to come to light thanks to parachutes.

After DOT and AVAX, all eyes will be on Cosmos, according to the analyst. Stating that ATOM will stay flat between $ 30 and $ 37, the analyst emphasized that the main target is $ 45.

Finally, the analyst mentioned SUSHI, which received millions of dollars in new funding. According to the famous name, if SUSHI stays above the critical $ 14, it can rise again, but staying below $ 9.50 is very dangerous.

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