Famous analyst Michael van de Poppe identifies an altcoin that will explode

Michael van de Poppe, one of the most famous crypto analysts in the world, stated that he believes that an altcoin will experience a significant increase these days when the cryptocurrency market is very active.

Fault near Chainlink

In his statement to his 126,000 YouTube followers, Poppe stated that he expects Oracle’s Ethereum network-based project Chainlink to break records soon. According to Poppe, the altcoin that has been quiet for a while link of the chain (LINK), it may be broken soon.

Van de Poppe shared with his followers that LINK’s technical analysis is more positive than ever and that a breakdown will occur very soon, adding:

So close, we can see a breakdown here. We rarely see this formation and indeed we can see a bullish base after a solid base here. Such support and a low indicates that we will soon be able to test resistance points and advance to the record very quickly.

Poppe expects Chainlink to rise first to the 0.0006 BTC level, then to the 0.0008 BTC level, and finally above $ 36 against the US Dollar.

While the 10-day maximum is $ 36, the LINK price has a long way to go after that. As of this writing, LINK is trading at $ 31 and is up 5% in 24 hours.

LINK, which remains silent, especially when DeFi platforms have achieved an incredible increase, can now make a move and re-enter the top 10. LINK’s 24-hour trading volume also points to this.

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