Famous analyst announced 4 Altcoins expecting a rally soon!

Pentoshi, who is one of the closely followed analysts in the crypto money industry, believes that the bull will continue despite the strange events that have happened recently that cannot stop the rise.

Pentoshi drew attention to the four altcoins and stated that they will be at the forefront of the rise of the crypto money industry.

At the top of the altcoins the analyst draws attention to is Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency by total market value.

4 Altcoins ready to upload

Pentoshi made a statement to his 260,000 followers. Ethereum He stressed that the rally is imminent if it sustains above $ 3,200.

Pentoshi emphasized that the selling pressure is over and the bull market will be entered in the coming days thanks to weekly support.

In the chart shared by the analyst, it is seen that he drew special attention to $ 3,326 and expected the record to arrive with a close above it.

Another crypto currency that Pentoshi opened in parentheses moles (DOT) happened. Emphasizing that the DOT / BTC pair is “very good” and looking for an entry point, the analyst stated that this will result in a new high.

The rate of increase expected by the analyst in the BTC parity is 200%!

The famous name later drew attention to another L1 solution, Tezos. by Tezos Stating that he can achieve a 40% surge thanks to L1’s frenzy, he emphasized that L1 has reached full stamina. The famous name, which gave a target of more than 10 dollars for XTZ, gave it a period of 4 weeks.

Finally, the famous name to SKALE made statements about By stating that SKL price will break the $ 0.36 resistance and break a record, the analyst expects this to happen in 4 weeks.

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