Do you want to do bitcoin mining at home?

Compass Mining, the world’s first online marketplace for Bitcoin mining hardware, has announced that it has launched a new service where retail customers can mine at home.

Compass Mining’s newest service, At-Home, launched today.

The At-Home service will deliver the ASIC mining machine to the customer’s doorstep, allowing you to mine Bitcoin from the comfort of your home at no additional cost.

The CEO of the company, Whitney Gibbs, said in a statement; He said they received a great demand from our customers who want to mine at home.

The company added that it offers 3 kinds of mining device models for domestic mining service, the delivery date is two to three weeks after customers receive this service.

Gibbs said the company currently only offers services in the United States, but has plans to expand to Europe and Canada.

Stating that like Compass Mining, customers do not purchase mining equipment directly from companies because they provide additional services and support to customers, Gibbs emphasized that Compass can supply even a single piece of equipment.

Finally, Gibbs added that mining is still in its most profitable period and in this context, mining Bitcoin at home is definitely doable.

The fact that cryptocurrency mining, which is normally expensive and difficult, is accessible to everyone in this way, is undoubtedly a very positive development for the cryptocurrency industry and the decentralization of Bitcoin.

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