Coinbase Cryptocurrency Exchange News to Mobilize the Industry!

Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, continued on its way with listings one after another after the IPO, and the exchange is now preparing to take other steps to gain more volume.

According to the information transferred, Coinbase’s last step was to enter the futures market. Coinbase has applied to the FCM, which is responsible for futures contracts in the US, and has taken steps to get cryptocurrency-based futures contracts publicly traded.

Coinbase has never intervened in futures trading in the cryptocurrency industry over the years, primarily to protect individual investors. Now, you see news coming in about futures trading, especially when the stock market is trying to diversify its sources of income. This news from Coinbase may activate the market in the long term.

While the leadership in the crypto money industry’s futures markets was originally known as Bitfinex and BitMEX, Binance took the lead in this regard, and now the market may be more active with Coinbase, which will open up to investors in USA

Coinbase also made an official statement on the matter, and the comments below actually point to the exact same thing. The cryptocurrencies that Coinbase will list in the futures market can increase in price directly like the Coinbase listing.

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