Cem Yılmaz told NFT, Twitter opened wallets

The 2021 bull market, which allowed the prices of Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies to break records, triggered significant growth in different areas of the crypto industry. One of these areas is the NFT sector, which is booming in the first months of the year.

NFT, which fell like a bomb on the crypto community’s agenda; attracted the attention of artists, brands, sports clubs and famous people, which contributed to the increase in the widespread prevalence of the industry. Finally, a name closely followed by Turkey, made an experimental entry into the NFT sector.

The famous comedian Cem Yilmaz, In a Twitter post on October 7 announced that it will send NFT to its followers.

Yılmaz has put up for sale a collection called “CEMYILMAZMCMLXXIII Collection” consisting of three works on the NFT OpenSea market. The collection, which was created about 19 hours ago and on the Ethereum blockchain at the time of the news broadcast, consists of three drawings of different women.

The job with the highest bid so far has been “000001KIZ”.

Screenshot of the sale of “000001KIZ” on OpenSea

The other two NFT works by the famous comedian also received 2 ETH (63,300 Turkish lira). The collection auction will end on Thursday, October 14.

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