BitUniverse Grid Trading Now Available on ProBit Exchange

ProBit Exchange has been successfully integrated into BitUniverse!

Users can operate on the network using the BitUniverse application:

Why network on ProBit Exchange?

Grid trading allows users to place multiple buy and sell orders for a trading pair in the instruction book.

  • When the price of the token falls, the buy orders are traded.
  • When the price of the token increases, the sell orders are executed.

In this way, a network merchant will automatically buy low and sell high.

Network trading also enables project teams to create an order book by themselves by filling the order books with buy and sell orders to create a good exchange environment.

Learn more about Grid Trading>

How to use Bituniverse Grid Trading with ProBit Exchange?

To configure network trading, please refer to the following guide:

How to use Bituniverse Grid Trading on ProBit Exchange? >

The BitUniverse Pro app is free on the Google Play Store, free on the iOS test flight, but paid for iOS.

* IOS users need to download the trial flight version as highlighted below. Android users can download it directly from the Play Store.

Go to and click on Test Flight version. If you have not downloaded Test Flight on your device and have not allowed it, you should. After doing that, the screenshot below will appear for you to download Bituniverse Pro Test Flight Edition.

* Disclaimer: Bituniverse retains full ownership of your ProBit API keys and ProBit Exchange does not endorse and is not responsible for the use of the platform and financial losses incurred. Do your own research on the security features and reputation of Bituniverse as a company before proceeding. It is not a subsidiary of Bituniverse or ProBit Exchange. The two companies are not related in any way.


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