Bitcoin Statement From Former White House Communications Director: Will It Be Reserve Money?

Anthony Scaramucci, former White House communications director and founder of SkyBridge, bitcoin He is known for his positive comments about him. The famous name, who has previously made statements about BTC, added new ones to his statements about cryptocurrencies in his latest interview.

Scaramucci compared Bitcoin to Amazon stocks years ago:

“Bitcoin is at the beginning of the road. The fact that its value is so volatile is because it is in the early stage of adoption. When we look at Amazon stocks 24 years ago, we see that it was the same way. If you had invested $ 10,000 in Amazon at the time, you would now have more than $ 21 million. In fact, it is no different from BTC. Seen this way Bitcoin will definitely become the reserve currency

Investor advice

Addressing institutional and individual investors, Scaramucci said; “Even if you don’t want to invest in Bitcoin, have a logical reason. Don’t make unreasonable criticisms like “This is rat poison, it’s bad,” do your research. “He made a statement. Scaramucci, who also advises on investments, said you can invest at least 5 percent of your portfolio in Bitcoin or projects like Ethereum. .

The state cannot prohibit it

Finally, the famous name, who also referred to the regulatory news that are on the agenda almost every day in the United States, said: “It is impossible for the state to continue prohibiting this sector, it can only tax it or bring some regulations. Because Bitcoin is a truly decentralized system.

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