is the victim of a cyber attack, one of the first websites about Bitcoin (BTC), has been the target of cyberattacks. The site is not accessible at the time of publication of the translation.

Cobra, the anonymous custodian of Bitcoin.organnounced on September 23 that the website was hacked and that cyber attackers placed a fraudulent notice on the site.

Bitcoin Developer Matt Corallo in the Twitter post “It appears that has been hacked and the entire site replaced by a scam requesting Bitcoin. Do not send money to this address.

Following Corallo’s inquiry, Namecheap has temporarily disabled its website. According to Cobra, can be inactive for a few days.

Before became inaccessible, users reported that the site had posted a classic fake gift advertisement. The scammers allegedly managed to collect $ 17,000.

Cobra explained that cyber attackers exploited a DNS bug and that’s Cloudflare accounts and servers were not compromised. was the victim of a DDoS attack in early July. The cyber attacker demanded an undisclosed Bitcoin ransom amount to return control of the site.

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