Bitcoin and cryptocurrency statement by President Erdogan: “We are fighting them”

As cryptocurrency investors in Turkey waited for the regulations to be enacted, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan issued a statement.

Erdogan, who participated in the “Encounter with the Youth” program conducted with students who won universities from 81 provinces in Mersin, also made a statement about cryptocurrencies.

One of the young people who participated in the program: “My question is about crypto money. Recently, the Central Bank established a digital Turkish lira platform. With this decision, is Turkey planning to open up to crypto money? Frankly, we as young people cannot answer our families on this issue. We are curious to hear your thoughts on this matter. ”He posed a question.

The president responded to this question as follows:

“We have absolutely no problem opening up to cryptocurrencies. On the contrary, we have a separate war, a separate fight against them. We will never give them such a premium, nor will we. Because right now we will continue with our own money on this issue ”.

The president turned to Binali Yıldırım and said, “What are you saying, Mr. Binali?” When asked, Binali Yıldırım, AKP vice president, expressed his thoughts on cryptocurrencies.

“The cryptocurrency, unfortunately, also opens the door to complaints. So it is something that needs serious control. In a way, the sales are made for an imaginary future, and after that, we’ve seen bad examples of this, as well as victims. But in the future, of course, with your discretion, it may be necessary to make some arrangements as a state, as a government, to prevent these abuses and mistakes. Studies on this have already begun. “

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