Billionaire Steven Cohen to Invest in a Cryptocurrency Company!

Billionaire Steven A Cohen will invest in a cryptocurrency trading startup, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The company that Cohen, the owner of the New York Mets, will invest in is the cryptocurrency trading company called “Radkl,” which a prominent Wall Strett investor recently founded.

Radkl executives, who stated that Cohen agreed to invest in the company, did not disclose the amount of the investment.

Cohen’s spokesperson is Radkl’s trading firm active in stocks and options, scheduled to go on the market today. by GTS He said he would be in charge of a group.

Ari Rubenstein, CEO of GTS, to WSJ In an interview, he stated that Radkl plans to engage in various types of trading, confirming that the new company will be managed by them.

Cohen, who has made many investments in the crypto space before, made his investment in cryptocurrency trading company Radkl using some of his personal wealth.

The famous billionaire stated in a press release that the adoption of cryptocurrencies remains in its early stages:

While the cryptocurrency market is currently a trillion dollar asset class, we are still in the early stages of institutional adoption. As more professional investors enter this field, corporate intelligence and companies like Radkl are needed.

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