Billion Dollar Investor Announces Bitcoin Forecast and Its Own Plan

Famous businessman Kevin O’Leary, who sold the company he founded for $ 10,000 in the past for $ 3.2 billion in a short time, recently made statements about Bitcoin. Billion dollar entrepreneur O’Leary, who had made interesting negative statements about Bitcoin before, now argues that there will be no world without BTC.

Expressing that he will increase investment in cryptocurrencies from 3 percent to 7 percent by the end of the year, the famous businessman expects that the volume of the Bitcoin market, which at the moment is around 900 billion dollars, will rise to 2 billion dollars. Dollars.

With this prediction, the famous name predicts prices of $ 100,000 in BTC by the end of the year:

“Bitcoin is now an unstoppable asset class. In the near future, trillions of dollars of corporate money will flow into this sector. I think regulators will see Bitcoin as an asset class, although I don’t know when. However, if the regulators say that Bitcoin is not suitable for investment, I will hesitate to invest, although I am confident in this industry. “

Even in the case of Kevin O’Leary, we see that most institutional investors are interested in BTC, but fear any regulation or ban. Against this backdrop, any constructive regulation by the US will greatly increase companies’ exposure to cryptocurrencies.

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