Besiktas Club statement on Besiktas fan token!

After Fenerbahçe issued their own fan tokens, Beşiktaş remained the only one of the 4 big clubs not to issue fan tokens.

The club, which previously warned its investors about fake BJK tokens, posted a new announcement, stating that its work with fan tokens continues.

In the statement made by the club, it was stated that no agreement has yet been reached with any company regarding the issuance of tokens.

The statement requested that the statements made without an official announcement be ignored.

The description of the club is as follows:

“Work on the Beşiktaş Fan Token issue is still ongoing and, based on the current situation, no agreement has been reached with any company. Therefore, no authorization has yet been granted to any company. This announcement is made in order to inform our fans and investors.

Regarding the supply of Beşiktaş Fan Token, we kindly ask you not to trust news and comments other than announcements made through the official channels of our Club.


Besiktas JK “

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