Avalanche Based Vee Finance Hacked, Here’s The Latest!

The avalanche-based decentralized DeFi platform Vee Finance has become the latest victim of attackers. The Vee Finance team announced on their official Twitter account that they detected a security breach on the platform.

The platform, which became operational on September 14, reported that they observed several abnormal transfers at their post and that they were being attacked.

The team stated that they found that they lost 8,800 Ethereum and 214 Bitcoin in total. The loss suffered by the platform exceeds $ 36 million with current market values.

The Vee Finance team stated that the attack took place in an area they expected and other areas were unaffected, and claimed that they did their best to find the attacker and contact a hacker.

Vee Finance stated that more users are suspending their platform contracts to keep their assets safe, but it is unclear when it will be active again.

Furthermore, the Vee Finance team relieved users to some extent, saying that they are constantly under surveillance as the attacker has yet to transfer the funds they stole.

At the same time, we work with contracted auditors and exchanges in the industry to find the attacker and help recover assets.

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